The Master Thesis defense of Arch. Ahmed Abdel Meneim, 28 october 2010,

Arab Academy of Science and Technology And Maritime Transport.

The title of the thesis:

Guidelines for the Preservation of Listed Buildings In Alexandria, A Focus Study on the Ottoman Town

Left to Right

Prof. Hatem El Taweel (Examiner),  Prof.  Mohamed Gomaa (Examiner), Ahmed Abdel Meneim (Candidate),   Prof. Abbas Yehia (Supervisor), Prof. Yasser Aref (Supervisor)


Site Supervision of Faculty of Engineering, Menofeya University

Site Supervision of The National Institute of Liver, Menofeya

Contractor: Arab Contractor


Invited Talks and Conferences

September, 2006 The Cemeteries of Alexandria, The untold narrations of a cosmopolitan city, Ramses2 Euro-Mediterranean Research Network, Workshop Memories in the Mediterranean between history and politics, Places as Time Carries, Pieces of Memory and Narratives in the Mediterranean, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria.  Learn more...

November, 2006 Places and Memories of Cosmopolitan Alexandria, Med-voices final conference, Turning Back to the Mediterranean, Alexandria. Learn more...

November, 2005  Oral History and Cultural Practices, Digitizing the memory of the Arab World, Conference, Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (Cult-Nat), Cairo. Learn more...



Upcoming Events


Alexandria Beyond the Myth, Archaeology, Architecture and Urban Change,

Turin, Italy, 17 May 2009









Yasser Aref is a Professor, Department of Architecture, Menoufeya University, Egypt, and a practicing architect. He also worked at The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center, a research center affiliated with Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria Egypt. His research interests are conservation of cultural heritage of Alexandria and its urban development plans. 












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